Emily Lockhart is a digital designer with a background in studio content creation, who builds online experiences to delight and entice today’s connected consumer.



My fascination with animals began at a young age, when encounters with Albertan wild animals played out in an atmosphere of intense wonder and magic. I like to think that's still present in my photographs today: a sense of the animal as a wild thing with spirit, personality and soul. 

Dog portrait packages start at $250, including an archival photographic print. They're a great way to honour a member of the family while enjoying a beautiful art piece.


I love photographing weddings, and believe that this comes through in my work. Time constraints dictate that at the moment, I can only take on a handful of assignments a season, but I try to make them extra-special. Weddings start at $3000 for a full day of coverage, or $250 an hour for shorter requirements. Please contact me for further details.


Please get in touch if you would like some more information about my services, or have a project for which you could use some help. I have many years of experience photographing events and coming up with creative solutions.